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Archival Methods Metal Edge Short Top Box 5 x 8" Cards/Stereos 10.5 x 8-1/8x5-1/8", Tan

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The Archival Methods Metal Edge Short Top Box are often called as "Archival Shoe Boxes" . The box is ideally used for Safely storing cards/stereos. They are also commonly used for storage of small specimens such as mineral samples.

  • The short top boxes have removable, close-fitted tops to seal out dust and insects.
  • Embossed labeling areas on box end and lid front neatly, accurately and consistently locate and position standard pressure-sensitive (PSA) identification label.
  • Short top boxes are manufactured from .040 and .060 tan-finished, acid- and lignin-free Archival Grade boxboard.
  • Metal edge clamps are corrosion treated in black polyester coating with wax-free polyester on the blind side.
  • Clamps provide rigidity and high stacking strength.