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Colonial Candle M. Baker Signature Edition, Fragrance No. 10, Small Deco Glass Jar, 8 OZ

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Mabel Baker was ahead of her time. In 1909, as women were beginning the struggle for their place in society, this schoolteacher from Colonial America was crafting her first candles and building a legacy that would last more than a century. Harvesting native bayberries from the New England landscape, Mabel shaped handmade candles from locally-sourced ingredients in her Cape Cod kitchen. Pouring her heart and soul into every batch, Mabel's passion and attention to detail ensured that every hand-crafted candle would be of the highest quality. We proudly carry on Mabel's tradition today. Just as our founder, we meticulously consider each fragrance using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic fragrance possible. Our scented soy blend wax is poured with precision into custom apothecary jars and set with a 100% cotton wick to ensure a classic experience.

  • Add style and elegance to your home with the bright fragrances
  • Meticulously considered fragrances using pure essential oils are gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible
  • A premium crisp white soy blended natural wax is carefully poured into a stunning transparent painted smoke grey apothecary glass jar featuring two cotton wicks that burn slowly to ensure a perfect even melt
  • Capacity of 8 ounces (226g) offers a long lasting fragrance with up to 28 + hours of burn time — container measures approximately 3x4"