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Novelty Presidential Voodoo Doll Pin Holder Gag Gift with 6 Stainless Steel Pins, 8" x 5"

Voodoo Dolls are widely known for taking your frustration out on someone who has wronged you. This novelty gag gift is a great way to relief stress by inflicting discomfort to various parts of the doll's body with 6 1.4 inch pins that come included. This novelty presidential voodoo doll is an ideal novelty gift for Birthdays, Christmas, and as a pick-me-up, this voodoo doll will offer a little humor to a bad situation. Whenever you are feeling stressed and want to inflict some damage stick some pins into the presidential voodoo doll. Have too many pins laying around? Use the presidential voodoo doll as a pin holder and keep all your pins in one place. You can remove all the pins and simply keep it as a plush toy.
  • Quality materials: The presidential voodoo doll is made and stitched specifically to be penetrated by pins. Each pin is has a white glass head and stainless steel. Extremely durable and the pins won't damage or rip the doll.
  • Clever Design: The presidential design is meant to represent authority. Take out your frustrations on it when you need it, or use to keep all your pins in one place. A perfect addition to a home or office workplace as it will collect and keep all your pins within your reach.
  • Fun & Functionality: Keep your presidential voodoo doll nearby when you fell the need to inflict some damage and stab it with the 6 assorted pins that come included. A great gag novelty gift for birthdays or Christmas. Use it as a pin holder to keep any pins laying around your worktable in one place. Use it as a plush toy and adorn your table or home desk with the presidential voodoo doll, just make sure to remove all the pins from it.
  • A Unique Gift Idea: The presidential voodoo doll comes packed in a gift box making it the perfect gift for any occasion! A great gift idea for coworkers, loved ones, someone with a new job, and more!
  • Dimensions: The Voodoo Doll measures 8" x 5" and it comes with an assortment of 6 pins the measure 1.4" each.