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Red Co. 11” Decorative Hammered Pure Copper Rain Chain Anchoring Basin Bowl with Hanger

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This elegant outdoor decoration is a great alternative to a bird bath or rain barrel and a functional addition to your garden décor. It collects water from the rain chain, saving it for your garden, indoor plants, pet drinking bowls, and general household use. Add it to the existing gutter infrastructure, enhancing the beauty of your front porch, summer house, pergola, or backyard with a bit of rustic charm. Be mesmerized as the water cascades down the chain right into the basin, creating a peaceful and soothing melody for homeowners and passersby alike to enjoy.

  • This rain chain basin is ultra-resistant, and the chain can withstand the weight of the basin and heavy water flow
  • An adjustable chain makes it easy to remove or add extra links and connect to the end of your rain chain at the desired height
  • When setting the basin on the ground or on a pedestal, fill it with beach pebbles and river rocks for added weight
  • Add some water-loving plants or floating decorations to create a focal point on your front porch or in the back yard
  • Made of pure copper with hammered texture, the bowl is 2” tall with an 11” diameter, and the anchoring chain is 24” long