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Red Co. 18” Decorative Hanging Bell Cluster Wind Chime in Antique Gold Finish with Jute Rope

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The style and finish are meant to look handmade, weathered, worn, and imperfect. Add a decorative element and musical sounds to your outdoor space! The breeze blowing through the windchimes will bring a breathtaking melody and delight all year round. A minor yet game-changing addition that can greatly enhance any environment. Great for hanging outside on your deck or in your garden. Wind chimes make perfect gifts for any occasion and are as beautiful as they are harmonious.

  • These harmonious bells of assorted shapes and sizes produce different calming tones, encouraging relaxation and introspection
  • Perfect as a musical ornament for a sunny patio, garden, or porch to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility
  • The cord attached to the bells makes it easy to hang near your door or on a tree branch anywhere in your yard
  • Made of durable metal in rustic brass finish to withstand any weather conditions
  • Measures approximately 2" W x 1" D x 18” H with rope; no assembly required