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Red Co. 5-Foot Decorative Hanging Metal Rain Chain & Garden Rainwater Catcher – Watering Can & Buckets with Bell

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This elegant outdoor decoration is a functional replacement for a standard downspout. It conveys water from the gutter to the ground (or a drain or rain barrel), saving it for your garden, indoor plants, pet drinking bowls, and general household use. Add it to the existing gutter infrastructure, enhancing the beauty of your front porch, summer house, pergola, or backyard with a bit of rustic charm. Be mesmerized as the water cascades down the chain, link by link, creating a peaceful and soothing melody for homeowners and passersby alike to enjoy. Installing a rain chain is super easy and requires no tools.

  • Features an intricately sculpted watering can, 5 buckets, and a bell at the bottom of the chain; the attached hook makes it simple to hang on your porch, patio, gazebo, or garden shed
  • Beautifully moves rainwater from roofs or gutters to drains or decorative water receptacles, just like your downspout but with more elegance
  • Specifically designed to create calming sounds when raindrops fall, it collects and releases rainwater, which trickles down the chain in a miniature waterfall to the accompaniment of a small campanella
  • Designed to catch no leaves or other debris but only water, it’s unlikely to clog, making it an attractive and functional alternative to traditional downspouts
  • Made of durable metal with a distressed brown finish; measures approximately 3.5" W x 3.5" x 60" H with hook (roughly 5 feet long)