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Red Co. 5 Quarts Large 11” Round Hammered Pure Copper Mixing Bowl with Handle


Copper kitchenware is highly valued and used by professional chefs and bakers for the best performance and results. Boasting enduring practicality as well as old-world farmhouse charm, this rose-gold bowl makes an authentic addition to vintage, country, or industrial kitchens. It is a great housewarming gift for family and friends who have a passion for food, cooking, and baking.

  • This bowl is useful for prepping or combining ingredients, because its raised rim and sturdy base help avoid any splatters and spills
  • A metal handle on one side makes it easy to hold the bowl while cooking or hang it as a decorative kitchen accent when not in use
  • Solid and ergonomic design is great for beating eggs, whisking up omelets, or tossing your salad
  • Its special properties help to produce fluffier and lighter egg whites for cakes, chiffon, and other baked dishes
  • Made of 100% pure copper, the mixing bowl is 6.5” tall with a 11” diameter and holds up to 5 quarts (160 fluid ounces, 10 pints, 4.75 liters)