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Red Co. All-Purpose Premium Clear Tall Tumbler Lead Free Crystal Glasses for Drinking, 13 fl oz, Set of 6

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For a modern kitchen to not have these tall glasses would be a travesty! Excellent and elegant, these drinking glasses can be used with any of your favorite beverages: water and seltzer, colas and orange sodas, orange, apple, grape and other juices as well as lemonade and ice teas. Sturdy, solid and hand-made of dishwasher safe tempered glass, these wash easy and are easy to use and clean. Grab these now and start celebrating life’s occasions!

  • IDEAL everyday use bubblers for serving the kids, family, and guests’ ice-cold lemonades, kool-aid, juices, sodas and other fizzy soft drinks or sparkling beverages for all your drinking needs.
  • LOVELY dimpled base with a clean lined silhouette make these tall glasses the ideal choice for entertaining friends or guests with lemonade for brunch or ice teas on a midsummer evening barbecue. Always wash with water before use.
  • EXQUISITELY crafted of high quality Lead Free Crystal, clear European glassware with a capacity of 13.5 fluid ounces (roughly 1½ cup or 400 mL). The glasses measure 3" in diameter with a 6½ inch height (165 mm). Glasses are also dishwasher safe.
  • CLASSICALLY designed glasses are perfect for any occasion! Whether you are hosting an elegant dinner, a casual get-together or simply relaxing at home, our glasses are your perfect companion for the night!
  • SET of six makes a great housewarming present, a gift for birthdays and Mother's Day or many more occasions, bachelors and would-be hosts, or a wedding gift to help those two love birds start their kitchen collection with elegance.