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Red Co. Dark Brown Cast Iron Dog Yard No Poop Sign Stake for Yard Lawn

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This no dog pooping sign is a great way to keep your front yard or lawn clean and will tell neighbors to not let their dogs poop in your yard. If anything, it will make them clean up after their dog. It is a fun and clear way to say no dogs are allowed on your property. Pet owners will know to watch after their pets and be respectful and keep them from peeing or pooping on your lawn.

  • Material: Made of strong durable cast iron for long-term durability. With a long stake it can be held securely on the ground without flying off. Heavy iron keeps sign in place year round.
  • Design: The dog sign is dark brown and has the word No! on both sides. It can be seen on either side so there is no excuse that the sign is not visible. Big enough to be seen from a distance and bold enough to stand out.
  • Durability: The sign weighs just under 2 pounds. It can withstand strong winds and storms outside while staying in place. The iron material makes it ideal to last all types of weather.
  • Easy to use: The sign comes as one piece of metal. All you have to do is place the stake on the ground wherever it is needed. It can also be moved rather easily from one location to another.
  • Dimensions: No poop dog sign measures 11" x 0.5" x 13"