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Red Co. Decorative Glass Bowl Vase 4.5" Diameter Clear Bubble Planter Home Office Décor Aromatherapy Craft Projects

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Versatility is its middle name. This unique glass bowl will never run out of use. Use it to store many small items throughout the house. Or adorn the coffee table with a nice bouquet, or even use it as a small fish bowl. The possibilities are endless and you will never run out of ides to fill this dainty decorative bowl.

  • Included: 1 piece decorative glass bowl bubble planter carefully packaged. Accessories and filler not included.
  • Features: Wide width makes it perfect to fit many decorative accessories. Thick glass makes it strong and durable. Easy to clean and light enough to transport from place to place.
  • Uses: The bubble bowl can be used for many things, including aquariums (fish bowl), terrarium and centerpieces filled with decorative accents or lights used by event planners, florists, interior designers, restaurants and home decorators, as well as candle holders.
  • Benefit: This dainty bowl can accent your home or office to put the perfect final touch on your décor. So versatile that if can be used in many ways and filled with many things to accent any room in the home or office.
  • Dimensions: Bowl measures 4" tall by 4.5" wide.