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Red Co. Distressed White Cement Planter with Red Rim for Succulents and Cacti 4.5" D X 3.75" H

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This charming planter evokes images of warm days and gardens filled with sunshine. Bring the outdoors in with this planter on your windowsill, desk, or table.

  • A wonderful addition to any home - green thumb or not! The white base of this planter is minimal and rustic, a blank canvas to accent whatever you plant.
  • A bright red rim adds a pop of color, drawing the eye with its boldness.
  • Indoor plants have numerous health benefits including stress and fatigue reduction. Whether succulent, cacti, herb, or flower, add greenery to your home or office to reap the benefits.
  • The planter is sturdy but not too heavy due to its cement material. The planter will stay in place when facing light winds.
  • Made of painted cement. Measures approximately 4.5" x 4.5" x 3.75"