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Red Co. Flat 9.75” Round Pink Metal Cake Stand with Clear Glass Cloche Dome with Knob

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A versatile display stand to elegantly show off all your pastries and desserts. This metal serving stand with glass cloche is great for buffets, as the glass dome helps keep food warm and free from contamination while letting everybody see the treats you prepared. This metal stand is made to last, and with a 9.75” diameter and a dome height of 6 inches, it can hold a lot of food. The glass dome gives family and guests an impeccable view of your culinary masterpieces.

  • An attractive rustic-style display piece for snacks, meals, and desserts that will make a big impression at any organized event.
  • The metal base, coated with rose-pink enamel, provides a firm, stable surface for any foods you may be presenting or transporting to serve. The metal will not bow or bend.
  • The glass dome is displays your culinary creations brilliantly. The knob makes it easy to hold and lift. Protects your food from dust and bugs while keeping it warm. Note: Only the glass dome is dishwasher-safe.
  • This marvelous cake stand accommodates cakes up to 9” in diameter. It’s also great for cupcakes, cookies, brownies, hors d’oeuvres, snacks, and even meal presentations.
  • The round metal stand with glass cloche measures 9.75" in diameter and 6" tall.e round metal stand with glass cloche measures 9.75" in diameter and 6" tall.