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Red Co. Kitchen Countertop Plastic Dish and Cutlery Drying Rack with Drainage 14.5" x 13" x 6"

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color: Red

This useful tool will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Make of durable plastic, this dish drying rack will come in very handy when drying all your plates and silverware. The spikes are great for holding plates and glasses. The two side compartments are perfect for all your spoon, forks, knives and other kitchen utensils. The rack comes complete with a drainage underneath to avoid and water buildup. The opening spout eliminates excess water to make drying more efficient. The drying rack come with useful handles to pick up and move around as well as makes it easy to clean.

  • Versatile: The dish drying rack is perfect for drip drying all your plates, bowl, cups, glasses, spoons, forks, knives, tongs, pans, pots, and much more. The wide surface area allows plenty of air to flow through drying your items efficiently.
  • Drainage: The drying rack features a unique drainage underneath to avoid any water buildup at the bottom. The spout automatically eliminates any excess water making drying even quicker than usual.
  • High Capacity Storage: The rack has a large rectangular surface area giving you maximum storage while drying your dinnerware. Store the smallest object like spoons to the largest objects like pots and even cutting boards.
  • Design: The rack is made entirely out of plastic to avoid any rust. The spikes are great for holding plates or glasses. It features two more compartments to store silverware and other kitchen utensils. It has sturdy legs and a unique drainage design.
  • Dimensions: The drying rack measures 14.5" x 13" x 6".