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Red Co. Large Clear Glass Mixing Bowl with Ribbed Surface, for Mixing, Storage, Serving


This glass bowl will be your go-to kitchen accessory, and you will use it for serving, mixing, storing, heating and many different purposes. The bowl is perfect to serve large salads and snacks at parties or mixers. Perfect for mixing salads, serving appetizers, or keeping on the counter and storing fruits and vegetables on the table for easy access. Not only is it a handy tool, but the glass bowl also adds an accent to your kitchen with a unique ribbed surface pattern on the outer surface.

  • Multi-purpose: The glass bowl is great for many things. Use to mix and serve salads. Use it to whisk up eggs or omelets. Serve snacks or desserts at the dinner table. Store your fruit and vegetables organized on the countertops for easy access.
  • Food Safe: The glass mixing bowl is made of thick textured and food safe glass to keep your food fresh and delicious for a prolonged period of time. The glass surface is convenient as it is stain and odor free.
  • Elegant Design: The unique ribbed pattern on the outer surface of the bowl make it great to look it in any shelf, cabinet, or countertop. The wide rim make it a great storage glass bowl and make it easy for pouring, mixing, or cleaning.
  • Easy to Clean: The glass bowl gets cleaned in no time due to its dishwasher safe feature, and no stain or odor glass surface. A simple sponge will get it clean fast and easy.
  • Dimensions: The multipurpose mixing bowl has a 9" rim diameter with a 5" base diameter and a 3.5" height.