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Red Co. Large Glass Jar with Colorful Braided Covering with Handle

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Unique and colorful, this unconventional large jar is covered in a bright braided jute fabric in a beachy net pattern. This is a refreshing addition to your home decor.

  • Vibrant and unusual, this jar is large, functional and can brighten up any setting. Aesthetically interesting, its size makes it a good choice for a wide variety of uses.
  • This spacious jar makes an unexpected and eye-catching centerpiece. Fill with an assortment of wildflowers to create a noteworthy conversation piece that brings joy to each of your guests.
  • A sturdy, securely attached braided handle provides another layer of usefulness. Place a plant in the jar and hang in your home or on your porch for an offbeat and bohemian-esque planter.
  • The braided fabric covering this jar in a familiar net pattern is formed from refined jute, extracted and crafted from the jute plant. Jute is sturdy and eco-friendly.
  • Measures approximately 8.5”H. Diameter is roughly 7” at widest points and 4.25” across the mouth of the jar. Handle extends 10”