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Red Co. Metal Enamel 2 Piece Wall Shelves with Lip for Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office

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If you have a messy desk, or have a lot of art ware, or just simply want to decorate your sofa background wall or want more room in the kitchen, then this is the shelf for you. This unique shelf set is perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, hallway washroom, or living room. It will increase your practical storage space. Organize your rooms with these shelves. The unique enamel metal design adds a certain rustic style to any room it is in. Not only is it decorative on its own, but it can be used to hold small planter, art, pictures, decorative ornaments, trophies, jars, and canisters, and much more.

  • High Quality: Enameled Metal Shelves are extremely durable. Light in weight but strong in material make it ideal for any home. Shelfs have a thick metal frame accompanied by strong metal enameled sheet that make up this uniquely designed shelf.
  • Wall Decoration: This set of shelves are a unique way of decorating your wall. If rustic home décor is your thing, you will love these shelves. Rounded smooth corners, with a vintage metal enamel white color add so much prestige to your home décor.
  • Shelves: Hang directly on top of each other or slightly off to give a stepping ladder affect. These shelves will look good by themselves or together as a set. Each shelf has a basket like lip that will hold all things securely without falling over. Perfect for holding ornaments, pictures, art, plants, trophies, clocks, jars and canisters and much more.
  • Easy to Assemble: Simply find a flat surface in the house where you like them and screw in 2 screws in the wall. Hook the screws onto the anchors on opposite ends of the shelf, and that’s it.
  • Dimensions: Large shelf measures 26" x 4" x 4". Small shelf measures, 19.5" x 7.5" x 4". Ample space to organize your living room or kitchen.