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Red Co. Natural Décor Premium Dried Lavender Bunch, 16 Inches

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Beautiful Dried Lavender Bunch.  Looks delicious when added to a dried bouquet, and it looks stunning when tied into a bunch with a satin ribbon or country style raffia and placed in a vase or basket. Great for lavender wedding flowers or bouquets.

  • Naturally grown lavender is a soothing and calming plant both aesthetically and aromatically
  • Enjoy the raw, organic beauty of this dried bouquet - place it in a vase, lay on a shelf or hang on walls and doors
  • Collect the lavender buds and use them in potpourri, lavender sachets, and other lavender craft projects
  • A beautiful addition to a formal table setting - simply take a couple of stems of lavender and use for napkin rings and place name cards
  • 16" long, naturally grown, no artificial fragrances added, wrapped in craft paper