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Red Co. Ribbed Glass Bottle with Cork Topper Storage Container for Water, Juice, Beverage, 33.8 oz.

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This useful glass bottle is made of soda lime glass and features a cork to hold anything securely. The cork fits snuggly on the bottle to prevent any leaking. The bottle is perfect for liquids as well as small foods like oats, grains, rice, candy, and much more. The glass bottle is durable and resistant and features a horizontal ribbed texture perfect for your grip.

  • Liquids: This glass bottle is a perfect storage for all your liquids in the kitchen. Store, water, juice, milk, oils, dressings, and much more. The cork avoids any spilling should it tip over.
  • Foods: The versatile bottle can store many solid foods like rice, cereal, oatmeal, beans, dry fruit, grains, candy, flour and much more. The cork seals the bottle tightly and keeps oxygen from getting in and spilling the food.
  • Arts and Crafts: The bottle can be useful for storing many things in the house including arts and craft materials like glitter, sand, rocks and pebbles, and many small items.
  • Design: The bottle has a tall unique ribbed design to better your grip when picking it up. It comes with a cork topper to securely close the bottle and avoid oxygen from getting in. Wash before use. Food safe with no chemicals. Bottle is dishwasher safe, cork must be hand washed.
  • Dimensions: The bottle is made of soda lime glass measuring 3.5"dia x 11.5" tall.