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Red Co. Round Breadboard with Handle and Legs for Serveware, Display, Mincing, Cutting Board

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This strong, durable, and heavy-duty breadboard is made of a strong hardwood, and was designed with versatility in mind. It's light enough to use as a serving board and durable enough to use as a light cutting board for all your kitchen prep work needs making it functional in many ways. It is small enough to be stored easily, so you can free up space on your counter and take it out when you need it. It has small legs, so it can also be used as a display to organize bread, spices, jars, or any kitchen accessories.

  • Durable: This unique board is made of a strong hardwood with a dark stain finish that will pop in your kitchen. It's unique imperfect circle gives it a rustic handmade feel that will add a farmhouse touch to your home.
  • Uses: Light enough to be used as a serving board. Serve snack and horderves at your party. It can also be used as a cutting board for some light prep work while preparing your recipes.
  • Storage: Its small size makes it easy to store when it is not in use. Because of its size it won't take up much space on your counter, so it can be used as a breadboard, to display your bread, spices or anything you might have on your counter.
  • Care: The board is easy to clean. Simply rinse with warm soapy water and let air dry.
  • Dimensions: The board measures 12" x 10" x 3" including the legs.