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Red Co. Short Stem Clear Glass Tall Dessert Bowls with Multi Colored Base, 6.75 Ounce, Set of 6


These attractive dessert bowls will be attention getters whenever you serve your guests. Great for a magnitude of desserts like ice cream, Sundays, pudding, jello, sorbet, fruits, and so much more. The short stem adds a touch of glamour while elevating your dessert in a pedestal like manner. Each bowl comes with a unique color on the base of the stem giving you a certain sense of individuality in each glass.

  • Dessert Bowl: This is a great way to present all your desserts. Serving your guests in a pedestal like way to enjoy your sweets after a meal. Wide base with a 6.75 oz. capacity.
  • Versatile: The dessert glass is great for most desserts like ice cream, pudding, Sundays, mousse, sorbet, flan, jello, and so much more. Wide rim to enjoy your dessert and consume with easy.
  • Design: This glass has a unique design. The short stem elevates the cup slightly making for a better presentation. Each glass has a different color base. Made with organic paint.
  • Features: A thick short stem adds stability. Lead Free. Dishwasher Safe. Stackable when not in use.
  • Dimensions: The set includes 6 dessert cups, each measuring 3.75" dia x 3.75" H