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Red Co. Swirl Border Charger Serveware Plate, Aluminum Metal, 13 Inch

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If you entertain guests at your place, what better way to dazzle them than with new silver metal plates! Goes great with modern traditional décor but works well in rustic farmhouse styles! A casual contemporary round shape with a 13-inch diameter for a classic way to show off your dinnerware.

  • ENTERTAIN your guests with these unique swirl border plates! If doesn’t matter if you are using these as place settings or actual plates, you can put these dinnerware essentials to good use.
  • MADE from a durable tin metal that is easy to clean by hand or dishwasher. Wipe away smudges or handprints and rest assured as our silverware plates are tough that even when dropped will not break or crack.
  • SERVE dinner to your significant other and use our silver plates to add a modern sophisticated décor that will help you make a lasting impression. Goes well with most stainless steel kitchen utensils.
  • GIVE a much-needed gift to a friend or a family member who spends a lot of their time preparing meals and setting the table. Decorate with tissues while arranging a modern dinner flower centerpiece.
  • SHOWCASE your unique cooking skills and use these plates to serve as a backdrop while highlighting the tasty meal you prepared. Nothing gets one in the mood to dine than a well presented plate!