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Red Co. Vintage Enamel Cookware Induction Stockpot with Blue Floral Design and Gold Trim with Crystal Knob Lid

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The enameled cookware pot is a high quality induction stockpot that will easily become a classic favorite to use for your everyday cooking and serving. The size of this pot makes it ideal for cooking soups, stews, meatballs with sauce, grains and lots of other delicious dinners. The vintage flower pattern design make ideal to cook in and serve at the same time as it adds to your dinning table decor. The induction bottom allows it to disperse heat evenly cooking food well and thoroughly. Accompanied with 2 handles for easy transporting and a durable lid that will keep your food warm and protected, you can't go wrong with this useful kitchen tool great for any family member or friend.

  • Induction Cooking: The induction bottom of the pot allows it to disperse heat evenly while cooking. The even heat make foods cook well and stay warm longer. Perfect for any stove top.
  • Great kitchen Tool: The pot comes complete with a lid made of the same durable material as the pot and handles on both ends of the pot to easily transport from the stovetop to the dinner table, and from the table to the sink.
  • Kitchen Décor: The pot is made of a durable enameled metal and comes with a vintage blue floral pattern and gold trim that will brighten any kitchen. It looks great displayed on a shelf or cabinet and it will go along well with most kitchen décor colors.
  • Cooking & Serving: A stockpot is a great choice of cookware to cook and serve food from the same pot. The size makes it ideal for cooking many recipes including small soups, stews, meatballs with sauce, rice, potatoes, beans and lots of other delicious dinners.
  • Dishwasher Safe. Dimensions:
    • Small: The pot measures 10" with handles by 7" wide and 4.5" high including the lid.
    • Medium: The pot measures 10.5" with handles by 8" wide and 7.5" high including the lid.
    • Large: The pot measures 11.5" with handles by 9" wide and 8.5" high including the lid.
    • Extra Large: The pot measures 13" with handles by 10.25" wide and 9" high including the lid.