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Red Co. White and Black Stripped Batter Mixing Bowl Mug Multi-Purpose Serving Dish with Spout and Decorative Rooster Design

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This all-purpose mixing bowl mug will be a great addition to your kitchen. Make batter for pancakes, biscuits or waffles. You can also use it to whisk up eggs for your morning breakfast or make omelets. Perfect for mixing salads or blending multiple ingredients together. The bowl comes with a pour spout to easily pour the batter onto the pot or pan. The bowl s big enough to serve as a serving dish. Comfortably serve salads, soups, rice, or mashed potatoes. The bowl has an added rooster design on the side.

  • High Quality: The rooster batter mixing bowl is made of porcelain. Convenient with pour spout and side handle. Bowl is microwave safe.
  • Design: The unique mixing bowl comes in a white with black stripped rim and a cute rooster on the side for added color. The handle makes it easy to pick up and the spout makes it easy to pour.
  • Mixing Bowl: The bowl is great for mixing batter for biscuit, pancakes, pizza dough, cookie dough. It is also great for whisking eggs and omelets. It is a great salad mixing bowl and also a great serving bowl.
  • Serve bowl: The bowl is big enough to serve salads, rice, soups, mashed potatoes, beans. It is a great kitchen accessory, and it looks great at the dinner table.
  • Dimensions: The bowl measures 10" x 7.5" by 5". A great housewarming gift.