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Red Co. White and Blue Etched Wavy Glass Irregular Shaped Dinner Plates, 10" Diameter - Set of 6

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Unique design with a subtle hint of modern grace. That is what this fun dinnerware has to offer. The plates feature a wavy textured blue design that stand out above standard dinnerware. The set is made of glass and is large enough to serve many meals for your friends and family. Great for large dinners like pastas and grilled meats. The large irregular shape give this plate a wide area to hold a lot of food.

  • Durable: This dinnerware set is made of soda lime glass. It is able to withstand everyday dining, as well as everyday cleaning and banging with other plates and dishes as well as able to withstand scratches from forks and knives.
  • Maintenance: This plate is easy to wash and clean. Light soap and sponge will remove any food residue easily. It is able to withstand the cold temperatures of the fridge as well as piping hot food.
  • Design: The plates are perfectly finished with a unique wavy design that covers the entire plate. The blue tint gives these plates the edge to be your go to plate when serving friends and family.
  • Features: Large organic shaped, etched surface stained glass. Lead free glass. Dishwasher Safe.
  • Dimensions: The set includes 6 glass plates, each measuring 10" in diameter and 0.75" tall