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Set of 3 Acrylic Cube Display Nesting Risers with Hollow Bottoms

color: Clear

This set of three risers are the perfect way to get your display like jewelry, collectible figures, and other collectibles. With three risers, the different dimensions of each riser give you flexibility and customization options in how you want to display your goods. Stack the risers or use them separately, it's all up to you. Add these fine risers to your existing displays or, with their nimble size and nesting ability, bring them on-the-go. Perfect for Trade Shows, Retail Stores or display of collectibles.

  • Acrylic riser cubes are nesting and stackable, with hollow bottoms
  • These risers blend in with any home or business decorated area
  • Perfect for displaying jewelry, cosmetics, boxed goods, figures and much more
  • Made of 1/8 inch thick high quality acrylic with polished edges
  • Dimensions: Large - 8"x 8"x 6", Medium - 7"x 7"x 4", Small - 6"x 6"x 2"